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  • Why India is following middle path?
    - Posted 01.19.13

    As Chinese and Japanese surveillance ships and aircrafts shadow each other around Senkaku/Diaoyu islands tension is rising. But both the powers are also engaged in smile diplomacy to woo India, creating diplomatic openings for the country. Preoccupied with territorial disputes with Japan and its Southeast Asian neighbours, and concerned about the US pivot China is […]

  • Abe, Next PM of Japan
    - Posted 12.17.12

    Abe, whose party won by a landslide just three years after a crushing defeat, was expected on Monday to meet Natsuo Yamaguchi, the leader of the small New Komeito party, to cement their alliance and confirm economic steps to boost an economy now in its fourth recession since 2000. The victory by the LDP, which […]

  • Murder charge on the PM of Thailand
    - Posted 12.09.12

    Bangkok, Thailand – The consequences of ordering the military to crack down on anti-government demonstrations more than two years ago has come back to haunt the former Thai prime minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. Thai authorities have charged Abhisit and his former deputy with murder in relation to the killing of Pan Kumkong, a taxi driver, amid […]

  • Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said ” Media Enjoying Full Freedom”
    - Posted 06.02.12

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina accused the media on Saturday of carrying ‘false stories’ and claimed the media are now enjoying full freedom in the country. “We (Awami League government) don’t prevent them (media), and they are enjoying full freedom,” she said referring oppression carried on journalists during the past BNP-Jamaat alliance rule. Hasina, also the […]

  • Protection of democracy by Sheikh Hasina
    - Posted 11.27.10

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged people to remain vigilant so that no “evil anti-democracy” force can foil the progress of democracy in Bangladesh.