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  • US President stays calm on Myanmar’s Military bosses
    - Posted 11.24.14

    In the silences as well as the speeches made during President Obama’s recent visit to Myanmar, attentive observers could glimpse a dramatic illustration of the tension between morality and amoral realism in the execution of US foreign policy. Reading from one script, Obama assured the people of Myanmar that he understood “the process of reform […]

  • France President has decided to pullout military early from Afganistan
    - Posted 05.25.12

    President Francois Hollande has defended his decision to end France’s military mission in Afghanistan a year earlier than planned. Speaking in Kabul, he said some 2,000 French soldiers would be out by the end of 2012, leaving 1,300 other non-combat troops for an unspecified period.”The mission of fighting terrorism and chasing out the Taliban is […]

  • Now Situation Under Control
    - Posted 02.27.09

    Home Minister Sahara Khatun yesterday told the House that rebel BDR members had returned to their barracks responding to the call of the prime minister.

  • BDR demands freedom and want talks with PM
    - Posted 02.25.09

    A 14-soldier team of Bangladesh Rifles arrived at Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s official residence Jamuna for talks with her.

  • U.S. Has No Plans For Military Base In Bangladesh
    - Posted 02.09.09

    The U.S. Sunday said that it has no plan to set up a military base in Bangladesh though Washington expressed its willingness to assist that country in maritime patrol and secure its unprotected territorial sea lanes, media reports said. “I think there are some interests in maritime patrol so you can protect your sea areas […]