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  • Protection of democracy by Sheikh Hasina
    - Posted 11.27.10

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged people to remain vigilant so that no “evil anti-democracy” force can foil the progress of democracy in Bangladesh.

  • Defends ‘controversial appointments’ Son of Sheikh Hasina
    - Posted 01.29.09

    Sajeeb Wajed, son of prime minister Sheikh Hasina, has said that comparison between him and Tarique Rahman, son of former PM Khaleda Zia, was unfair as “I’ve a masters degree in Public Administration from Harvard University”.

  • Hasina wins Bangladesh local vote
    - Posted 01.28.09

    The Awami League of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has won a local poll boost following its victory in general elections last month. Candidates stood as independents in the elections held on Thursday but those affiliated with the Awami League won 306 of the 463 seats. Correspondents say that the results further consolidate Sheikh Hasina’s […]