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Feb 28

Fall of Tourist Upto 13% in Singapore

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singapore-8217-s-visitor-arrivals-fall-almost-13-on-8212Singapore said on Friday visitor arrivals fell almost 13 per cent in January from a year ago amid further signs the tourism sector was hurting from the effects of the global downturn.

Hotel room revenues in January dropped almost 30 per cent to S$124 million, while the average room rate for last month was S$209, an 11.7 per cent decline over last year, the STB said.

Arrivals from Singapore’s five biggest markets — Indonesia, China, Australia, India and Malaysia — were also down, it said.

Of the five, arrivals from Indonesia saw the biggest decline of 24 per cent, the tourism body said.

The five markets together accounted for slightly more than half of Singapore’s total visitor arrivals in January, it said.

Singapore drew 10.1 million visitors in 2008, falling short of its target of attracting 10.8 million visitors for that year as travel slowed noticeably in the second—half as travel demand dropped in the face of the global downturn.

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