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Dec 10

Singapore’s Changi Airport could be World’s Number 1 Airport

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Changi’s forthcoming ‘Jewel’ is set to be an airport attraction like no other, but there’s plenty more to impress even the most jaded passengers landing in Singapore.
Voted the world’s best airport in the Telegraph’s 2014 Ultratravel Awards, Singapore’s Changi has a reputation for innovation and regularly snaps up plaudits. Its world-beating standing looks set to continue following the announcement that the airport grounds will soon house a futuristic attraction called Jewel.
Jewel waterfall in Changi Airport Singapore -

A 134,000sq metre mixed-use complex open both to passengers and locals, the glass-plated facility will feature vast public gardens, with walking trails; ‘Rain Vortex’, a 40-metre tall waterfall that will plunge into a pool from a crevice in the building’s ceiling; diverting displays for travellers dawdling between flight connections, such as synchronized light and sound shows, will be positioned throughout Jewel as will multiple dining, drinking and shopping options.
Jewel is expected to open at the end of 2018, but there’s plenty at Changi to entertain passengers at the airport before then. Here are eight other popular attractions that put it head and shoulders above other airports around the world.
1. Changi houses the first butterfly garden to be found in an airport. It features an abundance of flowering plants and a six-metre-tall waterfall and houses 1,000 species of butterflies.
2. Passengers awaiting connecting flights at Changi use the time productively by joining one of the airport’s two free city tours. The two-hour trips are themed: the heritage tour explores Singapore’s most famous historical sights and major attractions, such as the Colonial District, Chinatown and Marina Bay Sands; the city of lights tour departs in the evening and shows the best of the city after dark. To participate in either trip, passengers will simply need to ensure they have adequate time to spare in the city; Changi takes care of the rest. Continue…

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