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Jan 23
Celebrity Gossips
Sonam’s Positive Feedback on Karishma & Kareena

Sonam Kapoor says Kareena And Karishma Dressed Very Well EnoughKareena Kapoor is getting quite a fan following in B-town. fashionista Sonam Kapoor now shares her love for Bebo.

Following on from her look in ‘Players’ Sonam now talks about who she considers best dressed in the film industry. ‘Karishma Kapoor, she is elegant, and knows exactly what suits her. Then it’s got to be Kareena Kapoor, I could kill her. She looks awesome in just about anything she wears and can carry off every look so well.’

Certainly a great compliment for Kareena, who is usually praised for her acting and who better to tell her about her fashion sense then fashionista Sonam. Perhaps it’s the Kapoor connection!

Back to ‘Players,’ though the film didn’t meet expectations and neither did Sonam’s acting; the star says her look in the film was the closest to what she is in real life. ‘Everyone relates my fashion style to the one in the movie ‘Aisha.’

Two Sisters Fashion - iNewsToday

However, I think the way my character dresses in ‘Players’ is more me.’

Who agrees that Sonam’s style in her last thriller ‘Players’ is how the fashionista usually dresses?

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