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May 24
Celebrity Gossips
Something Cooking between Anushka Sharma & Ranveer Singh

Are they on, or are they off? As of now, and as far as we know it, we are not sure of anything right now.

But what we are sure about is that there is still no love lost between the two. They may have maintained the ‘just friends’ stance since the eternity now, but the media knows when there is something cooking between two celebrities. Ranveer Singh was spotted inside Anushka Sharma’s car on Tuesday evening, and we are yet to decipher why. Though it seemed like the leggy lass had come accompanying her ‘ex’ at his regular club, but with the number of movies in Ranveer’s kitty right now, we believe he can surely afford a personal vehicle.

And to bust the ‘just friends’ myth further, an eye-witness also saw them inside the club hand in hand, looking very much together. So does this mean that the two have patched up? Or did they never break up at the first place? Coming to think of it, it can also be turned as a publicity stunt (a desperate attempt) to get back into the limelight, which has evaded the two since long now. And moreover, Ranveer’s movie is just around the corner.

Any-which-way, you would have to wait till we get hold of any fresh developments. Till then, watch this space.

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