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Jun 23
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PAP will continue to serve the residents in Hougang

There are some people who believe that the Workers’ Party’s (WP) win in the Hougang by-election is a “personal result” of its chief Low Thia Khiang, but those who hold this view “fail to understand the people of Hougang”, said Mr Low on Thursday night.

“While it is true that I know a lot of people in Hougang over the years and have even become good friends with some, the majority of Hougang voters demand a standard of service and conduct from their MP (Member of Parliament) that is worthy of their support,” he said at a closed-door dialogue on the by-election organised by the National University of Singapore Society.

A copy of his speech was posted on the WP Facebook page yesterday.

The Hougang by-election, held on May 26, saw voters choosing WP candidate Png Eng Huat as their MP for the single-member constituency.

Mr Low, who is the MP for Aljunied GRC, noted that “voting for the Workers’ Party was not an easy decision for Hougang voters”.

He outlined the “huge personal sacrifices” Hougang residents have made, citing the lack of infrastructure development and improvement to the estate.

Added Mr Low: “I believe that so long as the Workers’ Party keep faith with the voters of Hougang, they will continue to support the Workers’ Party candidate in future elections.”

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, who is Secretary-General of the People’s Action Party, had told 200 party activists in a closed-door session that Hougang voters were voting for Mr Low in the by-election, according to party newsletter Petir.

Noting that Hougang is “very different from any other part of Singapore”, having been opposition-held for over two decades, Mr Lee was quoted as saying: “Low Thia Khiang has built a strong base and the majority of the voters voted for him rather than for Yaw Shin Leong or Png Eng Huat.”

He added that since Mr Low is no longer an MP for Hougang and Mr Png is different from the WP chief, residents would be able to assess whether Mr Png has served them well.

“It’s crucial over the next four years that we learn from our experiences and … do better at the next General Election,” said Mr Lee.

The PAP will continue to serve the residents in Hougang and gradually win them over, he added.

“We cannot make changes overnight … the next time we can do better and over the next four years, we’ve to work even harder to get our message across,” said Mr Lee.

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