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Nov 16
Southeast Asia
Youth violence law in Singapore

The Home Affairs Ministry said it was looking to see if the laws needed to be tweaked to give more police power and sentencing options to deal with gangs and youth violence.

Minister of State for Education and Home Affairs, Masagos Zulkifli said the review would take between six and nine months.

Mr Masagos also emphasised that the government, schools and parents need to work together to help the youth-at-risk.

He cautioned against oversimplifying the solution to the recent problem, which is multi-faceted and needs customised solutions.

He also said the police have always been monitoring street gangs and will not hesitate to take action against those who commit crimes.

Mr Masagos added there is currently a series of programmes available to help youth-at-risk, such as those who drop out of school.

But he said the message that needs to be sent out is that, while current programmes aim to give them as many chances as possible, the law will not hesitate to come down hard on those who cross the line.

In line with that, the police have also said they will be intensifying their checks on youth hangouts such as entertainment outlets around Singapore.

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