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Feb 27
Bangladesh Local
Now Situation Under Control


sahara_khatunHome Minister Sahara Khatun yesterday told the House that rebel BDR members had returned to their barracks responding to the call of the prime minister.

Sahara Khatun claimed the situation in the BDR headquarters turned quiet and completely under the government control.

In a statement at 9:20pm last night, she said aggrieved members of the BDR laid down their weapons and handed over keys to the armoury to her.

“Dhaka Metropolitan Police were deployed in the BDR headquarters at Pilkhana to maintain law and order,” Sahara said in her statement made under section 300 of the rules of procedure of parliament.

The home minister gave detailed description to the House of the two-days events and the government’s hectic efforts including the prime minister’s address to the nation to end the crisis.

Earlier, on Wednesday, the BNP-led opposition lawmakers demanded a statement either by the PM or by the home minister over the mutiny and bloodshed in the BDR headquarters.


The PM had a meeting with a 14-member delegation of mutinous BDR members on Wednesday where she offered amnesty to them and also assured of meeting their demands in phases, she told the parliament.

She also informed the House of the causalities in and around the BDR headquarters during the mutiny.

“The government has taken all necessary steps with patience to bring the situation under control,” said Sahara, who had been desperately negotiating with the mutineers in their headquarters since Wednesday.

The treasury bench lawmakers welcomed her statement by thumping desks.

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