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Feb 20
Business & Politics
For People Sheikh Hasina Sacrificing

Dhaka, Feb 19 – “heads and people in the government to make sacrifices to serve the people” prime minister Sheikh Hasina Thursday called supporters of Awami League and said. 

sheikh_hasina_cropped“Power is not a thing to be consumed. Everyone has to work with the spirit of sacrifice. It should be considered how much we have been able to give the people. 

“The huge responsibility the people have put on us through the mandate in the election has to be executed,” she said at a discussion meeting on International Mother Language Day, which is on Saturday, at Mohanagar Natya Mancha in the city. 

Criticising the military-installed interim government for enacting 122 ordinances she said, “That government had no accountability, they did not have to answer to the people. They worked according to their whim. 

“We are now carrying the burden they left on us,” the prime minister says to 

Hasina also paid tributes to the people, including language martyrs, who fought the language struggle in 1952 to establish the Bengalees’ right to language. 

On her government’s action plan, she said her government will strengthen the rural infrastructures every house will have a farm. 

“The allowance for widows, elderly people and freedom fighters will be doubled and widened,” she said. 

“Opportunities for all will be created,” she added. 

Awami League presidium member Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury presided over the discussion.

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